CAUTION … when boarding your dog!

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I would like to share a word of wisdom to my friends and family. As a GSD breeder, I always caution my puppy customers to be careful of the trainer or training facility you use to help with your pup’s training, well now, I have a new caution!!

BE CAUTIOUS WHERE YOU BOARD YOUR DOGS, OR WHO CARES FOR THEM! This story aired on the Houston, Texas KHOU news this evening. BEWARE FOLKS!!!  Warning, the news story in the link below is heart wrenching!  CLICK on the photo to watch the story.

Lux Story



Puppies Have Arrived!


Congratulations to Rick and Cheryl Gorry, in San Marcos, TX on their new SYSCO/ICE litter!  This is a repeat breeding and Sysco von Orumhaus & Ice vom Kirschental have consistently produced outstanding German Shepherd puppies.  Their litter of five (5) beautiful babies was born on APRIL 8, 2016 and they have 3 males and 2 females.  For more information about this litter, click here to review their litter announcement.  Here is a photo of the pups at one week old.

Ice_Sysco_Pups_at one week old_041516

Saddened to announce … No Puppies!

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I am saddened to announce that Fina did not have puppies as planned.  We took her to the vet this morning, she had a false pregnancy.  Though she is still in excellent health, this is a sign that it is time for her to retire from breeding.  Fina turns 8 years old this month, and has produced excellent progeny over the years, but now it is time for her to enjoy the rest of her life as a family dog.

I have began looking for a new female to import from Europe for our breeding program.  Watch for updates and news coming up in 2016.

Puppies Coming Soon!

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Sorry it has been awhile since I posted on the blog.  My shoulder surgery ended up being more intense than originally planned, and I am still trying to get my movement and strength back in my arm.  However, life goes on … and Fina and Ice decided it was time for another litter.

With this announcement, Fina is due to have pups around 12/31/2015.  More information will be coming soon!

Orumhaus Update!

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Over the past few months, I have been enduring pain in my right shoulder.  As it got worse, I decided to go to the orthopedic doctor for a diagnosis.  After x-rays and a MRI, he determined that I have a tear in my rotator cuff and a bone spur.  I will be having surgery to repair this, and due to the length of recovery and physical therapy, I have decided to not breed any other litters this year.

I would like to THANK all my puppy customers for the photos and updates you send me!  I really enjoy watching my grand pups grow!



Gracie at 10 weeks old!

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Gracie went to live with her new family at 7 weeks old.  She has adjusted well and is doing great.  Thank you, Sarah and Marc S. for keeping me updated on Gracie.  Here are photos of her with both her ears up.

Gracie at 10 weeks old

Gracie at 10 weeks old

Gracie_051015B Gracie_051015C Gracie_051015D

Gracie at “almost” 7 weeks old!

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Gracie is a very smart puppy.  Last week, she learned to jump in and out of the whelping box.  She seems to think the whelping room is her “house”, but  she loves to sleep in her mother’s crate.  She is learning to go outside through the doggy door to go “poop”.  Gracie is definitely going to be a “people pup”.  She loves to play in the house and is very fond of the air conditioning vent.  She received another toenail trim, and has started “exploring” the grass outside.  Toys are also a big PLUS on Gracie’s list of fun things to do.


Enjoy this week’s photos and video.

Gracie_041515c Gracie_041515bGracie_041515d



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