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Howdy everyone! It’s been awhile … a long while … since I blogged, but I thought I would let you know what’s going on in my world!

As many of you know, I retired from breeding German Shepherds in June 2017. This was primarily due to several health issues that I have had going on, plus all my dogs are now “seniors” like me.

In April 2018, I had a major back surgery, and recovery time for this surgery is about 1 year. At this time, the prognosis is good, and I think I’m over the most painful part of the surgery. Now, I have to eat my veggies and drink my milk so my spinal fusion will graft and heal!

Next up on the my health board is getting rid of four big kidney stones. Surgery for that is scheduled in July 2018. Well, my husband is taking good care of me, and trying to keep me on the straight and narrow path to recovery!

Now for a little update on my GSD babies:
* Wailana vom Haus Kirschental, aka LANA, is now 12 1/2 years old. She is still my best friend and companion, and argues with me every chance she gets! She has lost all of her hearing, and moves a lot slower than she used to, but other than that she is doing well.
* Anni vom Haus Jansen, aka ANNI, will turn 10 years old on July 8th. Anni is still in the middle of whatever she can be in the middle of! She too is moving a little slower in her senior years, but she is doing good.
* Ice vom Kirschental, aka ILLO, will turn 10 years old on July 24th. Illo is still my handsome boy and he loves to get attention and his brushings. He too is moving slower, but doing well.
* Fina Team vom Gleisenauer Schloss, aka FINA, moved in with my daughter and her family last year, and is loving her retirement life. She is happy to be a house dog and loves going in the truck with Lorena and especially their trips to Sonic for ice cream.
* Baster vom Gleisenauer Schloss, our beloved BUSTER passed away last summer at the age of 13 years old. I miss his smiling face and loving mannerisms. He was simply the BEST of everything. I miss him tremendously.


Puppies Have Arrived!


Congratulations to Rick and Cheryl Gorry, in San Marcos, TX on their new SYSCO/ICE litter!  This is a repeat breeding and Sysco von Orumhaus & Ice vom Kirschental have consistently produced outstanding German Shepherd puppies.  Their litter of five (5) beautiful babies was born on APRIL 8, 2016 and they have 3 males and 2 females.  For more information about this litter, click here to review their litter announcement.  Here is a photo of the pups at one week old.

Ice_Sysco_Pups_at one week old_041516

Orumhaus Update!

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Over the past few months, I have been enduring pain in my right shoulder.  As it got worse, I decided to go to the orthopedic doctor for a diagnosis.  After x-rays and a MRI, he determined that I have a tear in my rotator cuff and a bone spur.  I will be having surgery to repair this, and due to the length of recovery and physical therapy, I have decided to not breed any other litters this year.

I would like to THANK all my puppy customers for the photos and updates you send me!  I really enjoy watching my grand pups grow!



Bianka vom Orumhaus settles in her new home!

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Thank you Marty & George L. for welcoming Bianka (new call name of Oz) into your home!  She seems to be a perfect fit and Millie von Orumhaus seems happy to have a little canine sister to hang out with.

Checking out the fishing hole!

Bianka and Millie

Bianka von Orumhaus is looking for a new “forever” home!

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Bianka von Orumhaus, (aka Sam) is a healthy 13 months old, spayed female German Shepherd Dog.  She is a very happy dog.  She is outgoing and fun, and loves to play.  Currently, she weighs about 55 to 60 lbs.  Bianka is looking for a new forever home.  Her owner is rehoming Bianka because the owner is in need of a trained service dog to assist her with her disability.  For more information about Bianka, review her page or contact me for more information.

Howdy!  I'm looking for my new forever home.  If you are looking for a fun young girl, ready for more training.  LET'S TALK!

Howdy! I’m looking for my new forever home. If you are looking for a fun young girl, ready for more training. LET’S TALK!

2014 Planned Orumhaus Litters Announcement!

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I am proud to announce our 2014 planned litters!  Litter announcements will be posted to the ‘Litters & Pups’ page on the website soon, but here’s the list.

Spring 2014

Anni vom Haus Jansen (dam) //  Ice vom Kirschental  (sire) (This is a repeat breeding)

Summer 2014

Fina Team vom Gleisenauer Schloss (dam)  //    Samstag Lars (aka Bastro) – Our new European import!

Fall 2014

Yva Marie von Orumhaus (dam)  //    Samstag Lars (aka Bastro)

Congratulations Sysco on another fantastic litter born 11/24/2013! 4 MALES/3 FEMALES

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Congratulations goes out to Rick & Cheryl Gorry, and Sysco von Orumhaus!  Sysco began whelping her pups last Saturday evening, and had her last puppy on Sunday morning, 11/24/2013.  Sysco  has 7 beautiful and healthy puppies!  This is Sysco’s fourth litter sired by Ice vom Kirschental.  Here are a few photos of Sysco and her newborns, and the pups at 3 days old.  Check out Sysco’s litter announcement for information about this litter, and a few photos of their first litter.

Sysco and newborn puppies!

Sysco and newborn puppies!

SyscoPups112513aa SyscoPups112513a

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