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  1. Jody Ricco
    Dec 15, 2012 @ 19:36:25

    I have a deposit on one of Ricks male puppies. I have heard a lot of conflicting opinions about age to neuter a male. What do you recommend? I have a male Yorkie and don’t want to encourage marking.
    Thank you.


    • orumhauskennels
      Dec 20, 2012 @ 11:20:23

      Hi Jody,

      Congratulations on your new puppy! In regards to marking, first question, how old is your male Yorkie? I am assuming he is mainly in the house. Is he trained to “potty” outside only, or is he paper trained? There are many factors that influence “marking”.

      My opinion on neutering your male puppy varies depending on if you are talking about your male Yorkie or your “soon to be” German Shepherd puppy. With small breeds, like Yorkies, I feel it is fine to neuter them as soon as your veterinarian feels it is appropriate. However, on German Shepherds, there are several things to consider before you neuter.


      : Being a large breed dog, a GSD physically matures “slower” than a Yorkie. In other words, your Yorkie will be completely developed at 1 year old, while a male German Shepherd continues to develop physically into his second and even third year! THOUGHT TO CONSIDER – testosterone plays a key role in physical development and filling out. [Of course, I’m not saying that a male GSD that is neutered at a young age will not grow up to look like a GSD, but what I have observed, through my experience as a lifetime GSD owner and breeder, is that a male GSD fills out and takes on the “male look” better more thoroughly IF he is NOT neutered before a year old. I personally prefer waiting until a year and a half old.

      Exceptions: As with everything, there are exceptions. I feel under certain conditions, neutering a male GSD early should be done. Some of these conditions are as follows:
      – if a male puppy has not dropped both testicles, you SHOULD NEUTER!
      – if a male puppy is showing EXCESSIVE aggression issues, you SHOULD NEUTER! (But this is an issue that may not show up until 1 years old or older.)

        MARKING and/or RAISING a back leg for urination

      : It is natural for a male dog to raise a hind leg to urinate when they begin to mature. When you have two dogs in close proximity or the same household, they will “mark” the area where another dog has urinated. Therefore, IF the Yorkie is potty trained to the “newspaper” or has accidents in the house, the male GSD puppy will be able to smell the scent and will think that is the place to go. My recommendation is to begin crate training your puppy as soon as possible. As soon as the puppy comes out of the crate … GO STRAIGHT to the door, and let him go potty, he will learn very quickly to go outside. Then he can “mark” his outside area.

      There is so many things to consider on this topic, and I have just touched on the tip of the iceberg in that regard. I hope I have assisted you in your decision.


  2. Tammy B.
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 21:01:31

    Claudia – I had posted on here week before last, but I’m not sure if you received it. Through reading your blog, it sounds like you’ve had some computer issues, so I’m not sure if perhaps that’s why you may not have received it or if because I hadn’t signed up yet it didn’t go through. Anyhow, we lost our beloved Toby on Tues., 11/8. Needless to say, our whole family was devastated. It has been a very sad and depressing 2 weeks. I would like to visit with you about it whenever you have some time. It has really helped me through the healing process to go back and look at all of the pictures you posted his first 8 weeks of life and to watch a couple of the videos. We have many pictures and a couple of videos ourselves, but of course, nothing takes the place of petting, loving and hugging him.
    I see that you have another litter due in early December. Have all of the pups been reserved, or are you still accepting reservations? Honestly, I’m not sure if we’ll be ready this soon or not, but again, I would like to visit with you when you get a chance.
    Sorry we have not kept in closer touch and I hate being the bearer of bad news. Toby made us laugh constantly, and he was SOOOOOO loved. At least I know he went to Heaven knowing he couldn’t have been loved more. We miss him something terrible! Hope to talk with you soon…………..Tammy B. (Brenham)


    • orumhauskennels
      Dec 04, 2011 @ 19:58:25

      Dear Tammy and Family,
      I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Toby, I know you and your family loved him so much, and times like this is very stressful. Please email me what happened for my records. I did not receive your email, it took me awhile to get my computer software and email software working right (it seemed liked so much stuff was going to spam … except the real spam). Yes, Anni’s litter is due this week, and I am accepting reservations for pups. Let me know if you have questions, whenever you’re ready. My prayers are with you and your family.


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