What Do I Need for my Puppy?

This page is devoted to provide you information to help you prepare to bring your new puppy home.


L/XL Crate


Collar (will come with puppy)

Food/Water bowls

Toys for playing/entertainment

Toys for chewing/entertainment


Grooming brush

OPTIONAL SUPPLIES: If you have another pet that you would like to introduce your puppy to … gradually, you might consider purchasing a puppy playpen.  They are very useful for keeping the pup out of harm’s way while you are busy with chores outside or in the house as well.



Purina Pro-Plan Large Breed Puppy Food (this is the food your puppy is eatting now!)

Clean Fresh Water

Rawhide chews (supervise use – throw away when worn)

Snacks (Baby carrots, liver treats, cheese cubes, cottage cheese, plain yogurt)



  • Visit your vet for a checkup!
  • Complete the puppy series of vaccinations!  It’s very important to your puppy’s health & safety.
  • Start your puppy on HEARTWORM PREVENTATIVE!
  • Puppy PROOF your house and yard!  Remember, pups are like young children … into everything!


  • Puppy Books:
  1. The Puppy Primer – by: Patricia McConnell
  • Obtain guidance from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America – Working Dog Association:  “I have a new puppy – NOW WHAT!”
  • Puppy Health and/or Accident Insurance  (available at very reasonable prices)
  1. American Kennel Club Insurance
  2. ASPCA Insurance

NOTE:  This page is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  Check back for more information.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bethany
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 03:37:50

    where do i get my puppy vaccinations from?

    please answer as soon as possible!!!!!


    • orumhauskennels
      Apr 02, 2012 @ 12:10:34

      Different states in the USA have different vaccination requirements, however, I recommend taking your puppy to a veterinarian that you have confidence in, and follow their vaccination recommendations. Local veterinarians are aware of which vaccines that are most needed in your area, and if any disease outbreaks are prevalent in your area. Always ASK your veterinarian questions regarding vaccinations, and be aware that most vaccines take three or more days to become affective AFTER the pup receives his vaccination. Always WATCH your puppy or dog closely for 30 minutes to 1 hour after they receive their vaccinations; though it is rare, occasionally a pup or dog may experience a reaction to the vaccine. REMEMBER: Vaccinate what is needed, but don’t over vaccinate either.


  2. bethany
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 03:33:48

    do we have to use the recommended puppy food, it’s just i use backers puppy food.


    • orumhauskennels
      Apr 02, 2012 @ 11:59:44

      No, it is not required that you use the puppy food I recommend, however, it is essential that you monitor and pay attention to your puppy to insure he is getting the correct nutrition for his INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. Some pups/dogs need more protein or carbohydrates than others in order to maintain their correct body weight, which also depends on their performance and exercise levels. Coat condition should be evaluated, and the average puppy owner may not notice or be aware of what a healthy coat should be like. BOTTOM LINE: The total health of your puppy … from looks, to bone and muscle development, to overall health (and this includes food allergies) and even his health in the “senior years” depends on the feeding foundation of your puppy and his continued nutrition throughout his life. REMEMBER …

        each puppy/dog is an individual

      , and just because your last puppy did great on one food, doesn’t necessarily mean that another puppy will.


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