Our Condolences …

As we have been breeding our beloved German Shepherd Dogs for many years, from time to time, we hear that one of our pups has passed away.  Our deepest condolences go out to those who have lost the very special companion and family member.  The loss of our beloved German Shepherds always brings us heartbreak and pain because they have given us so much love during their lives and have became a valuable family member, that it takes time to heal from losing them.  I personally have gone through this many times in my life, but when I lost my Fran Zando’s Enna a few years ago, it was devastating to me and took me several months to heal enough to talk about her without crying.  Enna was a very special dog to me, and it was important to me to write “a tribute of our story” to help my grieving process. I read a book entitled, “Saying Good-Bye to the Pet You LOVE”, written by Dr. Lorri A. Greene and Jacquelyn Landis, and the book really helped me put into perspective the grieving process.

I would like to express my deepest condolences to those who have known and loved the following Orumhaus German Shepherds, who have recently passed away:



Remembering ELLIE von Orumhaus   (Born 09/21/2001 – Deceased 12/30/2015)Ellie6yrsoldB

Ellie was born to our first E litter produced by Gaby aus der Schlosstadt and Roby vom Holzbach.  She was born to a litter of six puppies.  Ellie lived her life with one family and was a valued family member.  In the words of her owner, Sharon, “She babysat all of our children- we enjoyed her immensely. She had the best disposition…she was one of a kind.  She will be greatly missed.”

Thank you Sharon and Jon for allowing Ellie to be a part of your family, and giving her a wonderful and fulfilling life.  My deepest condolences.


Owned and Loved by Sharon and Jon L. (Houston, TX)


Remembering MILLIE von Orumhaus   (Born 09/17/2004 – Deceased 11/20/2015)MilliePool_062012a

Millie was born to our M litter produced by Gaby aus der Schlossstadt and Nego vom Kirschental.  She was born in a litter of five puppies. Millie began her life with her family at 8 weeks old, and was their faithful companion for over 10 years.  She helped host many parties and was always a delight to her family’s guests and grandkids.  She was known as the great guard of the pool monster.

Thank you Marty & George for giving Millie a loving and forever home, and letting her be a part of your family.

Owned and Loved by Marty and George L. (College Station, TX)



Remembering QUANTAS “aka TAZER” von Orumhaus   (Born 02/17/2007 – Deceased 10/18/2015)Quantas_Tazer

Tazer was born to our Q litter produced by Farina z Lintichu and Nego vom Kirschental.  During her life, she had two owners, she was raised from a puppy by Andrew B. until it was necessary to rehome her due to Andrew’s health.  She was adopted in April 2012 by her second owner.  Both families loved Tazer and enjoyed her wonderful personality.  She is greatly missed.

Owned and Loved by Trisha and Brianna M.. (Brenham, TX)



Remembering L’NILES “aka NILES” von Orumhaus   (Born 10/13/2003 – Deceased 07/07/2015)

Niles was born to our L litter produced by Gaby aus der Schlossstadt and Nego vom Kirschental.  He was born in a litter of ten puppies.  He was rehomed to Martyn G. as a young adult, and spent his life with Martyn and his family.  Martyn said, “We have had beautiful, loving Niles for nearly 9 years. Feel blessed to have had such a dog taking care of us and always protecting us and standing guard. Lots of great memories and photos of our lives in College Station, France and in California.  He will be missed.”

Thank you Martyn for giving Niles a loving and forever home with you and your family.  Our deepest condolences.

Owned and Loved by Martyn G. (California)


Remembering NAKITA “aka NIKKI” von Orumhaus   (Born 01/06/2006 – Deceased 05/01/2015)

Nikki was born to our N litter produced by Freda von Orumhaus and Gritt von der Burg Austerlitz.  She came from a litter of nine pups.  I will always remember NakitaandTerrywhen it was Terry’s turn to choose puppies, he had planned to choose a male puppy, then Nakita saw him.  It was love at first site for Nakita.  Nakita picked Terry for her owner, and the male that Terry had originally chosen had decided he wanted to be my puppy and would not leave my side.  Nakita aka Nikki bonded with Terry the first day, and spent her life with.

In the message from her owner, Terry commented, “I just wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with such an amazing and wonderful animal. She was without a doubt the sweetest dog ever to have graced our lives, and spent her time trying to always please. Over the years, she was a part of 4 different raccoons growing up beside her, and never once did she try to hurt one. She would let them crawl all over her when they were little, and played and wrestled with them as they grew up, chasing each other around the house. She was always ready for me to throw her stick so she could bring it back, always ready to ride in the truck, and without a doubt she was always ready to be right beside me where ever I went.  I know sometime in the near future I will try to find another German Shepherd and start over, and although another dog will take her space, no dog will ever take her place.

Thank you Terry for letting Nikki share her life with you and your family.  Our deepest condolences to you and your family.

Owned and Loved by Terry F. (New Braunfels, TX)


Remembering FREDERICK “aka MAX” von Orumhaus   (Born 12/04/2001 – Deceased 02/18/2015)

Max was born to our F litter produced by Fran Zando’s Enna and Nego vom Kirschental.  Max lived his life as a max_2013beloved family member, moving with them from Texas to Washington DC.  In the message from his owner, Ginny commented, “Max suffered a stroke and had to be euthanized. There’s an outstanding vet hospital here and they did all they could but clearly it was time. I got to hug him and cry over him and say goodbye and he was not in pain.  He was an outstanding dog. He was still so beautiful that even this past Saturday someone complimented me on his looks and manners. Everyone who knew him loved him.  You never bred a better dog. Thanks for giving me his life.”

Thank you Ginny for making Max a special member of your family over the years.

Owned and Loved by Ginny S. & family  (Washington DC)


Remembering KASSIE NINA von Orumhaus   (Born 10/04/2003 – Deceased 06/27/2014)

Kassie Nina was born to our K litter produced by Fran Zando’s Enna and Gritt v.d. Burg Austerlitz.   Kassie lived her life as a beloved family companion.  In the KassieNinamessage from her owner, Wayne commented, “She is truly missed as a great friend and loyal companion. We have 6 grandkids and they would lay beside her and play with her, which she loved.”  Our deepest condolences to her human family.

Owned and Loved by Wayne & Becky F.  (Amarillo, TX)         


Remembering LUTHER von Orumhaus (AKA Eli)  (Born 10/13/2003 – Deceased 02/07/2014)

All Orumhaus puppies are special, but Eli was truly one of a kind.  His owner and I developed a good friendship over the years, and I was privileged to see many of Pam and Eli’s Eli_012114accomplishments in the obedience ring.  From his first puppy class to his herding class and on to Rally obedience … Eli was always a shining star.  Though titles and awards are always nice, Eli’s greatest contribution in life was his love and devotion to his owner and friend.  In the message I received telling me of his passing, the message was heartfelt, and reminded me WHY I breed German Shepherd Dogs.  Pam wrote, “… I was with him through it all.  I loved him so much.  My heart is broken.  It is important to me that you know what a gift you gave me in that most wonderful dog.  Words are not enough to express everything he meant to me.  I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Thank you Pam … for giving Eli your love and devotion throughout the years.  Our deepest condolences and prayers are with you.

Owned and Loved by Pam D.   (Dallas, TX)                                                                                                   *********************************************************

Remembering CALEB von Orumhaus  (Born 9/1/2000 – Deceased 10/8/2013) 

Caleb & Clay in 2010

Caleb was born to our first C litter, and was a very loved family member throughout his life. Courtney, his life long owner, and I have become very special friends throughout the years, and she has shared many precious moments of Caleb’s life with us. Caleb was a wonderful German Shepherd and will always hold a special place in many hearts.  Our deepest condolences are extended to Courtney W. and family.

Owned and Loved by Courtney W. & family   (Dallas, TX)


Remembering LADY aka Farrah von Orumhaus (Born 12/04/2001 – Deceased 6/15/2013)


Lady was born to our F litter, and her owner sent me updates during her life.  She was truly a “Lady” and a special girl.  Our deepest condolences are extended to her family.

Lady’s owner commented that “she lived a wonderful life and all the kids in the neighborhood loved her.  There were at least 6 kids who overcame their fear of big dogs because of her temperament and gentleness.”

Owned and Loved by Brenda B. & family


Remembering NIKI (Born 10/16/1999 – Deceased 3/21/2013)niki2001

Comment:  Niki was a wonderful dog and her owner, Don, kept in contact with me over the 14 years of Niki’s life.   Deepest condolences …

Owned and Loved by Don W. & family  (Texas)


Remembering TOBY (Born 10/16/2008 – Deceased 11/21/2011)

Owned and Loved by Tammy B. & family


Remembering SCHULER (Born 4/10/2008 – Deceased 5/27/2011)

Owned and Loved by Annabelle & family


Remembering SASHA (Born 9/19/1997 – Deceased 6/28/2010)

Owned and Loved by Ilona D.


Remembering Elsa (Born 9/18/2006 – Deceased 2/20/2011)

Owned and Loved by Brent & Mariella   (Houston, TX)


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