Baby G (aka Gracie) gets her Vet Check!


Gracie had a great visit to the vet this morning.  The vet gave her first shot (PARVO ONLY) and worm meds.  She weighed in at 8.4 lbs. today.  Her heart sounds fine and her check up was A+.  She liked her first car ride too!



Orumhaus G puppy at 5 weeks old!

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Happy Easter everyone!  Just an update on Baby G at 5 weeks old.  Over the past week, our little sweetheart has learned to climb out of her puppy box, and now enjoys 3 puppy meals a day plus still nursing.  Since I have family visiting from the Czech Republic, Eliska has been assisting me wth puppy playtime and socializing, and trips outdoors. Also this week Baby G got her first toenail trim.  Here is Baby G at 5 weeks old.


Baby G turns 4 weeks old!

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Our baby G girl turned 4 weeks old yesterday.  She is such a sweetheart!  I call her “Baby G”, and as soon as we walk into the whelping room, she starts wagging her tail and is ready for a hug.  Being the only puppy, Baby G gets all the milk she wants, so she is just starting to like her weaning diet.  She now has some baby teeth, and this week she has started playing with me.  I have introduced her to toys, though Fina is insistent that she has a “kong”.  As you can see from the photos, she is growing and doing well.

BabyG_032815a BabyG_032815b



Puppy Update!

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Baby G turned two weeks old yesterday. She is doing great and her eyes opened this week. She is also learning to walk on her legs, rather than just scooting. Here is a video of Baby G today.


Enjoy this week’s photos below

BabyG_031415a babyG_031415c Fina_BabyG_031415b


Orumhaus GG Litter

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We have one beautiful baby girl in our GG litter.  Unfortunately, Baby G’s sister did not survive.  Fina and Baby G (name is pending) is doing great at one week old!  Enjoy this week’s photos and video.

Video #1

Video #2

Baby G at one week old

Baby G at one week old



Fina_BabyG_030615c Fina_BabyG_030615e

Fina’s whelping!

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Fina began whelping pups about 5:30 this evening.  Right now we have two baby girls.


We’re on puppy countdown!

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Fina is close to whelping time. I will post here when labor begins.

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