Ultrasound Confirms Puppies!

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We took Fina to the vet today for her ultrasound, and we definitely saw babies!  Fina/Ice pups are due around February 26th – 28th.  Next week the whelping box goes up and puppy preparations begin.


Mauser … our hero! We are proud of you!


On 1/9/15, I received a puppy update from Wendy about her Orumhaus puppy, Enoch von Orumhaus (aka MAUSER).  The incredible story of Mauser’s gentleness and kindness to his fellow canines … simply warmed my heart!  We often hear of all the amazing talents our beloved breed has, but we don’t hear of canine blood donors very often, at least I personally haven’t thought about canine blood donors.

Here’s a little history about Mauser and his human Mom, Wendy:  Wendy is a vet tech at a veterinary clinic in Central Texas.  Mauser is still a puppy at 10 months old, and often gets to go to work with his Mom.  Now, here’s the heroic story of Mauser!


Wendy wrote, “So, Mauser is doing great!  He has donated blood twice in the past 60 days and without a doubt saved two lives of two very deserving dogs. The first was a beloved pet lab. Who had a tumor on her spleen that had burst and was causing severe internal bleeding. She would not have survived without him.

Then today, a client rescued 2 chihuahuas who were so severely anemic from fleas that one died before she could get it to the clinic. Luckily, I had Mauser at work today and he donated again. And even though the little rescue dog is not out of the woods yet, he has a chance, and if he makes it, a great loving family is ready to make up for all of his past suffering.

Now, is it donating when you aren’t really given a choice? I guess not. But, both times Mauser was calm and still and didn’t protest. Shocking the vets as they have seen happy bouncy Mauser and didn’t believe a young GSD could be so calm,  (like most vets, they all have very biased and not always nice opinions of GSDs). And considering he hasn’t been walked or exercised since Tuesday and he sat calmly on an examination table with two men he doesn’t really know holding him and poking him with a giant needle, and then having to sit there for about 10 minutes as we collect the blood from him…  is pretty darn awesome!  (Yes I was helping to hold him too, but just keeping his head extended).

Mauser is fantastic.  His reward when it was all over, is a can of A/D dog food , and his favorite person at the clinic gets to come and love on him and I let him lick  her face. (normally I don’t let him lick , and I never let her get him all riled up except these times) So, any how I guess to sum it up….. Mauser is a hero.

Thank you.


New Orumhaus Breeding

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Fina Team vom Gleisenauer Schloss and Ice vom Kirschental bred in late December.  This will be a repeat litter and pups are due around February 26th.  Watch our blog for status updates.  We are accepting deposits on this litter.  For details view the Litter Announcement.

Update: Sysco & Ice Puppies turn 4 weeks old!

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Today, Sysco’s puppies turned 4 weeks old!  The puppies are growing and almost ready to begin exploring new horizons … and toys!  Deposits are currently being taken on this litter.  At this time, 1 MALE and 2 FEMALES are still available.  Enjoy the puppy photos below:


Almost 4 weeks old and we want OUT to play!


Two newborn puppies

Two newborn puppies


Sysco and pups at 3 weeks old


Sysco von Orumhaus Whelps 6 Puppies!

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Congratulations to SYSCO VON ORUMHAUS, owned by Rick & Cheryl Gorry. On November 16, 2014, Sysco whelped six beautiful puppies sired by our male, ICE VOM KIRSCHENTAL. 2 MALES & 4 FEMALES  

For more information about this litter, please view their Litter Announcement.

Watch for puppy photos coming soon!

Eos takes “step 2” in Herding training

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At 6 months old, Eos von Orumhaus has her second introduction to sheep.  Her owner, Elizabeth Robison, is taking the video, so Eos is trying to work her into the “herd” too.  Keep up the good work Beth and Eos!

IT’S HOT and Sultry in Texas this summer, but the rest of you are heating up too!

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As our summer heats up … while we humans are “sweating” our makeup and sunscreen off, our beloved pets and working dogs are suffering too.  Here are a few Summer Tips to keep your pup safe this summer:

  • Even though it’s summer, we still want to go for walks.  While walking, remember that the surface temperature on concrete or pavement (ground to 2’ up) is much hotter than higher air space (our body level), even the ground (grass dirt) radiates heat upward.  Extreme surface temperatures can cause burns on your pup’s foot pads and temperatures in the 90’s and 100’s can cause excessive heat stress or even heatstroke.   Try to take your walks in the early morning or late in the evening.  Learn the warning signs of heat stress.
  • When walking, take a bottle of water for you and a bottle for your dog.  Lots of folks use a bottle with a squirt thing on them, that way you can squirt water in the mouth, and also wet the face.  I also carry a collapsible bowl that folds flat too, that way I don’t waste the water.  I also like to partially freeze the water bottle, and then it’s still cool when they need a little drink.
  • Another thing I do in the summer is to change the time of day that I feed to early morning, or if you must feed at night, do it very late in the evening, not during the heat of the day.
  • If you like to walk in the evenings, don’t feed BEFORE the walk, wait until you get home and allow your dog at least an hour to cool down and relax before you offer food.
  • Leaving your dog in the car while you go in the store or a restaurant is a REAL NO – NO!  Even with the windows down, the car temperatures rise very, very quickly.  Oh, … and dog’s that ride in the pickup bed get overheated too, ventilation in a crate when the truck is stopped, is still very hot.  If you must leave your dog in a crate in the back of your truck, remember to park in the SHADE, get him a portable fan and give him a drink of cool water and a potty break when you get back to the truck!


HAVE A SAFE SUMMER and a Happy 4th of July!

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