Puppy Brags!

This section is devoted to comments and stories I have received about my pups over the years.  My ultimate goal when my pups go to their new homes is for them to go to there “forever home” and to become a valuable part of the family.  These are examples of my goals being fulfilled!  THANKS EVERYONE for keeping me posted and updated on my granddogs over the years, and I sincerely treasure all the friends I have made …. through my beloved German Shepherds.

– Puppy Brag & Comments by Angela A. (03/05/2012)

Yva Luna wanted me to send this to you……And I want to thank you for raising such an amazing puppy. I have never had a GSD puppy like her and I think she is nothing short of amazing.
[A Letter from my Granddog]     Hi Memee – So I made it through my first night in my new home. I did so well. I cried in the crate for one minute. Then I stopped, cuddled up and slept ALL NIGHT! “New Mom” was so impressed. She told me she didn’t think she’d get any sleep. Boy, I sure proved her wrong.  I like my new home. They have 3 other dogs and 3 cats, although I have only met one of the cats. The others are being shy still. I am getting along really well with all of them. New Mom said it was really easy for me to make friends because I am so calm.  So far I have met 3 new kids and a few of the neighbors. I loved all of them. This morning was “Walk To School” day, so I got to take my kids to school. I don’t love the leash yet. I don’t understand why I need it because I stay right next to New Mom or My Kids when I am not on it, but New Mom said something about it being too dangerous to not have a leash with all the cars on the road in the morning. I didn’t want to walk across the busy street. Those cars are kind of scary, so New Mom picked me up and carried me across. I think people were laughing at her.  It’s really fun here. Everybody loves me. I even heard New Mom tell My Kids that she loves me so much that she already can’t imagine her life without me. Wow…..I must be a pretty special puppy.  New Mom can’t stop laughing when she sees how fast I eat. And they even have baby carrots here! New Mom gives them to me to try and get me to learn that the stairs aren’t scary (but they kind of are because I have never seen them before and I’m still all funny and wobbly when I go up and down them).  I just wanted to let you know that I think I am going to love it here. They pet me ALL THE TIME and tell me how good I am when I sit, potty, or follow them. Right now I am laying underneath the coffee table chewing on a new toy.  New Mom told me I have to have my picture taken today so she can send some to you. I’ll do my best to look pretty. New Mom keeps saying how beautiful I am.  Love you and thanks for letting me go to this great new home!     Yva “Luna” (your granddog)

Yva Luna von Orumhaus (napping with New Mom)

Yva Luna and her new friend!


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Dick G. (03/04/2012) – Yule (aka Holly) & Victoria (aka Nike) Meeting Update:

Richard and Missy brought their German Shepherd “Nike” over for a play day.  Nike and Holly have the same mother and are a year apart in age.  Nike didn’t want anything to do with the puppy at first. Growling, barking and hackles up were the first greeting.  So we kept them apart by the fence and let them slowly get acquainted.  Once they calmed down and rubbed noses and licked back and forth through the gate, we allowed Holly out of the fenced yard and she immediately went to Nike and started playing.  We then put them in the fenced yard and they played for almost an hour.  Here are some of the pictures.  Enjoy


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Jeffrey O. (02/25/2012)

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to buy such a wonderful and handsome German shepherd puppy from you guys. I spent two years learning about German Shepherds and looking for a breeder that I could trust and I’m so grateful that I found your kennel. I must have talked to over 20 different breeders during my two year search and not one of them took the time to answer my questions and concerns. They all seemed to be in hurry and were just trying to close a fast sale. Most of the breeders spent their time trying to justify why they were selling their dogs for $ 3,000.00 and in some cases up $ 7,000.00 for an 8 to 10 week old puppy and most would say well the puppies’ father has this title or the puppies’ grandfather was so and so. I thought to myself that’s great but I’m looking to buy a puppy not the father or the grandfather of the puppy. Anyways thank you again and I look forward to meeting you both in the future. 


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Dick G. (02/15/2012)

Holly (aka Yule von Orumhaus) at 10 weeks-  she gets the paper for me (picked up the task on her own- no coaching) and takes it to which ever door is open.  Normally, through the garage into the kitchen.  Today, through the gate — to the back yard and to the patio door (via her new found path through a climbing vine).

– Puppy Brag & Comments by Lucas L. (02/02/2012)

We are so loving our puppy!  Thank you so much.  We’re honored to have such a fine dog.  Thank you for breeding such awesome dogs.  Ysa’s become part of the family.  Josiah loves her to pieces.  Thanks again and we’ll send you some pics soon.


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Diane M. (12/27/2011)

Dona (aka Vesna von Orumhaus) is turning one year old tomorrow, how time has flown by!  She is doing well.  She is 64 lbs and has a lovely plush coat like her parents.  We are keeping up with her schutzhund training with Dave, and she is doing well.  At home, I am mostly working on her enthusiasm for working for the beloved ball, and using that for heeling, recall and other exercises.  She does all her bite-work with Dave, and has a great calm, full mouth bite.  We got her an agitation harness last month and we are working more on her barking on command.  Tracking-wise, I’ve put that on the back burner.  We do some tracking, but finding the time to juggle her obedience training, exercise and managing my two girls becomes challenging.  Hopefully as they get a little older, I’ll have a few more minutes to spare in the mornings.  She is such a lovely dog.  Thank you again for all of your efforts to raise such nice dogs.


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Kelli S. (12/07/2011) – Warrick Update:

Warrick is doing well.  He is so big.  He is up to 73 lbs. now.  He is a very curious puppy and a very sweet one too.  He is definitely the puppy for us.  He loves to cuddle and wrestle around with anyone who will play with him.  I am so glad that we got him.


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Brenda & Jeff B. (12/07/2011)

Farrah von Orumhaus at 10 years old.

Greetings, Attached is a photo of Lady (aka Farrah von Orumhaus) on Dec 4th, her 10th birthday.  She is doing well, with some arthritis in her front right elbow, but otherwise is ok.  Every kid in the neighborhood knows and loves her.  Sometimes I think the highlight of her day is when they walk by the house to school and pet her.  She also loves playing with the puppy next door (about 5 tiny pounds) and she is so gentle with this tiny dog.  I just communicated with Don W., who originally recommended you to us, and his dog Niki von Orumhaus is 12 ½ now.  Thanks for a great dog as she has been, … and still is a great companion.


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Kelli S. (08/28/2011)

Just wanted to let you know that Warrick is doing great.  He and Conan are getting along OK, Warrick is just a little too hyper still for Conan.  We are totally in love with him and Brandon came home from the service and fell in love, too.

– Puppy Brag & Comments by Courtney W. (08/11/2011)

We are back from the beach.  Clay and Cissie had so much fun, and I  got to relax a little.  Such a fun vacation!


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Duke P. (08/04/2011)

Valiant von Orumhaus aka Hannibal is doing well and growing like a weed. I have built a small obstacle course in the back yard that he loves to run. It’s amazing how intelligent and energetic he is. Thanks again for such a wonderful son.

Valiant "Hannibal" von Orumhaus and his owner


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Kasey L. (2/2/2011)

Kasey, thanks for the photos!  As you can see, River von Orumhaus has grown up to be a very happy pup!

River von Orumhaus and his owner Kasey


-Puppy Brag & Comments by Ginny S. (1/2/2011)

Max at 9 yrs old and grandbaby

Max at 9 yrs old and grandbaby

Thought you would enjoy this picture. Our daughter and her family were here for the holidays, including two step kids and our grand baby. Max was absolutely wonderful, playing with the older kids and loving the baby gently. He let her chew, pull, pinch, and crawl all over him, and he patiently endured it all.  He even checked on her now and then, cleaned her face, and lay down next to her when she played on the rug. This is even more amazing when you know that he has never spent more than a few minutes around such a young baby, and we were crowded into our apartment for most of four days. He was a perfect GSD for the occasion! He just had his ninth birthday.


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Becky V. (09/10/10)

I wanted to share a few pics of Pax Dakota[from the P Litter].  Can you believe she is already 3 1/2 yrs old.  Where does the time go?  We now live on 5 acres in Magnolia and Dakota lives the high life.  Hope you like these pics.    She is the love of my life and knows it.  She even barks at hubby when he tries to hug me if she doesn’t feel it’s ok. She is a tractor dog too.  We fire up the tractors and mowers and that girl is in biz.  She walks with the tractors back and forth no mater what we are doing.  She jumps in the front seat of my

husband’s truck when he is on the property moving lumber and such and supervises.  When she and I leave the house, she has her kennel (house) in my S

uburban and we have a heck of a time getting her to come out when we get home. Enjoy!  I hope you like taking a peek into what my baby is doing.


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Ginny S. (12/14/2010)

Max as a young boy!

Max [from our F Litter] is doing fine.  He’s 8 years old now but looks 4 years younger. He is starting to slow down a bit but he’s just as protective and curious as ever. I was reading something in the Washington Post last week about a serial rapist who has been committing crimes around here for over 10 years and has not been caught. It made me shiver just reading the article, but it also reminded me of how important Max is to me. Although our complex is nice, the neighborhoods a round it are not real good.

Max at 8 years old

Reading the article made me realize that I have never walked out without Max in the 2 1/2 years we have lived here. Wow. His presence just makes me confident. Just wanted you to know what a great job you did when you bred him! Everyone who meets him falls in love with his personality and the dog sitters fight over who gets to take care of him when I am out of town. Here he is in his “snow coat” during our incredible snowstorms. We got over 50 inches of snow. He loved it!


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Pam R. (01/12/2008)

Eli wins obedience class! Great job Pam & Eli!

Our boy Eli [from our L Litter],  was a hero this weekend and I just had to tell you about it! Last Sunday 2 women and a little girl were out in front of our house looking for something.  Turns out that the previous day one of the women had set her cell phone on top of her car and drove off – the phone fell off the roof and they thought it might have fallen off in front of our house. Now Eli is a tracker – we play “find it” all the time and he’s found all kinds of things for me, so I decided, what the heck, let’s see if he can find the phone.  He sniffed the woman’s hand and took off searching.  And guess what?  He found it!  They were SO happy!  The little girl was amazed saying, “Mom, the dog found it, the dog found it!”  The owner of the phone was

Luther von Orumhaus (aka Eli)

thrilled.  She thought she’d lost that phone forever.  Needless to say, I was beaming. The next day, the owner of the phone knocks on our door and has a plate of homemade cookies for us and a big bone for Eli.  Is that the coolest?!  I always have felt that Eli was a tracking dog, but never pursued that kind of training.  Maybe I will now.  🙂 I also learned to trust him.  We were looking on one side of the street, but Eli kept wanting to go to the other side.  I thought he just wanted to go sniff the neighbors’ dogs’ pee pee.  Finally I let him have his way and he went straight to the phone!  Trust your dog!


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Brenda B.

Farrah von Orumhaus as a pup!

I was looking at your web site and went back to the litters from 2001.  I saw some photos from the F litter and a picture of Farrah. We purchased her from you on Feb 14, 2001 we just “celebrated” her Dec 4 birthday.  We now live in Virginia and she has about ½ acre to run around and our son loves to play with her.  Yes she is spoiled.  She is doing very well and every kid in the neighborhood knows and loves her.  When we moved here several years ago,

Farrah at 8 yrs old

there were a couple of small kids who were terrified of big dogs.  Since they saw her all the time and got to know her, they are no longer

afraid of big dogs. She is such a good dog and we have had so much pleasure with her in our home.  I certainly appreciate you giving me the opportunity to purchase her and I am glad Don W. recommended you to us.


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Jeff M.  (11/29/2007)

Nitro von Orumhaus on vacation!

Nitro is very much a part of our family.  I’m sure you can relate but he sure attracts attention when we take him out in public.  Folks are scared of him at first then they meet him and love him to death.  He and my three year old grand-daughter are the best of friends.  He follows her around the yard and is always within about 10’ of her.  She has trouble with “Nitro” so a lot of the time his is referred to as “Cho-Cho”.  He answers to both.


– Puppy Brag & Comments by Don W. (08/11/2007)

Niki is a wonderful dog. Our grandson’s dog, Nevada, is exactly like Niki. Great disposition, loving and intelligent. Thanks, Claudia.


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